cowhide lambskin chair pad

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cowhide chair pad black & white 38 x 38 cm

Product no.: kuhfell-pad-100

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Comfortable flat seat pad made of cowhide and felt - can be easily used anywhere!

Our cowhide felt seat pads / cushions provide a high seating comfort. There is a 10 mm thick padding insert between pad top (cowhide) and bottom (felt). The wool felt used is strongly sewn 5 mm and provided with a stitching all around. Even on hard and cold surface, this quality made seat cover ensures through its cushioning and warming effect for a pleasant sitting experience. The temperature-compensating property of fur on the one hand and the property of wool felt on the other hand, which has a temperature resistance of approximately - 40 ° C to + 110 ° C (flame retardant according to B2), make the cowhide felt seat pad heat and cold-insulating.
The product was manufactured in Germany (upholstery factory Jakob Lang). The combination of cowhide elements (from South America) and pure wool felt (from Germany) has taken a beautiful and natural design.To give you the possibility to choose your favorite color and pattern of cowhide used in the seat pad, we photograph all the cushions individually!