Fell order & Kilim cheap at cow hides ONLINE & NOMAD

In this SALE category you will find many reduced items from fur and kilim. Our high quality products are timeless, so we do not perform large-sale actions. Especially when our kilims and kilim pillows, which are Persian handicrafts of nomads and in some cases even to textile art (salt bags - Namakdun, saddlebags), get over the years not only beautiful, but also valuable.

Our fur products (cowhide, sheepskin, reindeer skin, carpet, pillows, pouf, stool made of fur) are exclusively unique pieces that are processed, although within different living and furnishing trends, but also preserved whole in its original form and appearance. Fur products such as leather goods represent a large market with stable demand and have in good storage over long time no loss of quality.

With our SALE category we offer our customers a further less expensive segment.

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