persian noamd kilim Ghasghai 238 x 132 cm

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Color multicolored, colorful
Material 100% Fars wool (sheep or goat wool), handspun
Widt 132 cm
Length 238 cm
Origin Fars Province / south western Iran, southern Zagros Mountains, Ghasghai nomads
Age 20-30 years


Persian Ghaschghai kilim rug


Persian Ghashghai kilim belong to the most famous Persian nomadic carpets. The Ghashghai are considered the most famous nomads in Iran.Their kilims attract attention mainly because of the brilliance of their colors but also because of their delicacy and its great diversity of patterns. The Qashqai nomads live in the southwest Iranian Fars region and spend the winter in the lowlands south of the provincial capital Shiraz.
The great wealth of shapes, designs and patterns that can be found in nomadic carpets Ghashghai again, has its origins in the fact that set the Ghashghai nomads of several nomadic peoples together.
The Ghashghai kilim rug is made in the so-called slot technique so that it can be interpreted by both sides. Unlike knotted carpets the Ghashghai kilim characterizes a clarity and simplicity. Typical motifs and elements are for example comb-like motifs, diagonal zigzag lines, which achieve in different colors almost psychedelic effects, medallion & corner patterns on a monotone background. There is in the arrangement of the symbols in the Ghashghai kilims no symmetry, which additionally gives the rug a more advanced form of the uniqueness and specificity. Dominant colors are brownish, rusty red, orange or blue tones.
The Ghashghai make all their rugs without proof and make them hardly specifically for sale here, which is why the amount available is limited. Carpet buyers acquire beautiful pieces by visiting the Ghashghai on their grazing grounds and buy used carpets from them, which they carefully wash and prepare. For this reason, not only by the unique design of each carpet a unique piece, but also tells the carpet even in its color and in its overall appearance a story. Be sure that the decision for a kilim never one is quite rational, but that just these kelim that you select, connects you with precisely this piece and will fit to the living environment, what you want to achieve.
This kilim enriches natural, very modern and Nordic decorative styles in its vicinity, the beautiful pattern may well exert its effect. But iit also fits with interior trends as Hippie Chic , Ethno Chic , Boho or Bohemian Chic. We continue to offer a wide range of Ghashghai Gabbehs in our online shop.


Kilim rug guarantee

The most of our Persian nomad kilim rugs are individual unique pieces from Iran, which were manufactured by nomads in different regions of the country. Mostly we offer antique and semi antique Persian nomadic kilims that have been washed and prepared so that they are in the best condition. As with other oriental rugs, it is so that handmade kilim rugs and special in their value to rise, the older they are. In addition, there are even in Iran and other regions fewer nomads who have mastered this art handi craft and continue so that nomadic kilims and kilim pillows are partially true rarities.
We present in our range also some new kilims, which are also as the older pieces of nomadic origin handcrafted. Our kilim rugs are naturally dyed and consist largely, if it is not stated otherwise, in pure wool, sometimes even with a proportion of kurkwool. Unlike other countries, there is no mass production in Iran and the associated social problems. The kilims are woven by nomadic women, there is no child labor in Iran.


Kilim care instructions

Please note that the kilim rugs are not machine washable. It can be easily sucked, beaten out or cleaned with carpet cleaners. For stubborn dirt, a professional cleaning is recommended.

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